Samurai - A Positive Body Image Adventure

Following my mini-expedition to Samurai Beach a couple of days ago, and having scoped out the terrain, I decided to venture back with a companion for a positive body image experience.

Getting to the beach is all part of the adventure, with a short, but extremely picturesque walk from One Mile. 

Hiking along a winding path and over the rocks towards to our destination, we discovered that low tide had uncovered a myriad of breathtaking rock pools. 

As we got closer still, we witnessed Puffer fishes dancing in the crystal clear waters, as the ocean gently filled one of the rock-enclosed areas.

As I mentioned in my last blog, Samurai is the only clothing optional beach in Port Stephens, so removing one's clothes without 'hiding' was delightful, and definitely brought with it a certain sense of freedom for my companion. 

Venturing further into the pools and rocky caverns, we discovered that this peaceful ocean spot offers some amazing photographic opportunities. As well as the ocean shots, I couldn't resist using the hard surfaces of the rocks to accentuate the softness of the skin, creating some incredible contrasting images. 

With it's ever changing coastline, stunning landscapes, and many different view points, Samurai beach definitely deserves a top spot on my list of favourite Port Stephens photography locations, and one which I will certainly visit again - clothes free of course! 

My Naked Truth:

Why is it still so taboo to be naked in public? There are 26 beautiful beaches in Port Stephens and only one of those is 'clothing optional'. Imagine a world where nudity was more acceptable. Girls (and boys) would be able to more readily see what real adult bodies look like - perfectly imperfect. There would be less body shame, less judgement, more confidence, more freedom and more acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.

Visit a clothing optional beach near you, if you can. You might just find a sense of freedom and liberation that you have never quite experienced before!


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Marilyn Dawes

Absolute liberation to be naked swimming, I often did this in Sydney not so much in port stephens.I love your photographs .
Lorna & I would love to be involved

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