Sometimes things just happen how they were meant to ...

Once in a while, something magical happens. It's a combination of being with the right person, at the right time, on the right day, in the right place.

My companion and I began our journey to find a tree. She explained to me that she'd discovered a tree she thought would make a great prop for some amazing body image photos. 

To find the tree, we trekked along a winding path through native bushland. Along the way, as we listened to bird song and chattered animatedly about the various projects we are working on, we found a tree or two, but not THE tree. We pondered that perhaps the tree just wasn't meant to be found that day.

Undeterred, we decided to continue along the coastal bush track to a nearby beach. I can't tell you the name of the beach because I want to keep the next part of my discovery a bit of a secret ;) 

The beach in question is fairly secluded. You sometimes find a couple of people here, but more often than not, none at all. It's never very busy like some of Port Stephens' better known beaches.

It's an area enclosed by bushland, rocky headlands, rockpools, and a sandy shore.

But venture a little deeper into the rocky headlands and over fallen rock piles, and there can be found little pockets of paradise just waiting to be discovered. 

One such heavenly place is a hidden mermaid pool, where my companion told me she often comes to meditate.


This concealed beauty, shrouded by geological wonders, is just delightful. A cavernous entrance gives way to an opening allowing you to perch on the rocks and marvel at the deep, crystal clear waters, as the ocean waves gently fill the pool. 

Not to miss an opportunity, I asked my companion if she would pose for some photos. Which, to my delight, she did.

To my companion, this hidden place is often one where finds solace after a busy or stressful day. But she's not alone, Mother Nature holds her here, and the gentle lap of the ocean waves whisper their healing words. 

And in those moments, she finds a stillness and sanctuary, where she can quiet her mind and replenish her soul. 

If you know where this is. Shhhh, let's keep it quiet!

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Valerie Watson

This is perfect, I think that to take the first step is huge, it’s still very daunting to be half naked or full when it’s as in my life, only with my husband. I was a child from big family, strict Catholic and us girls weren’t even allowed to sit in our pjs without a gown on, plus as I was the eldest girl , my dad would not allow me to do the normal growing up things, shaving legs, wearing bikinis, wearing anything tight etc.
In saying this, we were happy and dad was a wonderful man.
Of course I grew up, met my husband at 17 and life moved on, the shyness disappeared but I have never have got past that !!!!!!!! getting undressed etc in front of anyone.
It’s a different world now and Im sure Saffron, that this all sounds 😳😳
However I shall endeavour when we move down to look you up.
I love your photos, discretion and empathy. The positive thing I have about my body, my husband still to this day says Great Butt there Val, it’s never changed to this day.😂😂😂 shame the old tum changed. ❤️

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