I love that I have grown beyond that insecure young version of me

Meet Lorna, a beautiful soul who exudes joy. Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognise how good things really are. Lorna is just one of those people who lives life to the full and always seems to have a smile on her face!

Here is Lorna's body image story.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am almost 54, married for almost 32 years. I have two grown up kids; a boy and a girl. Originally from the Philippines, I moved to Australia nearly 32 years ago. I met my husband during his holiday to the Philippines. I was working at a huge department store. He happened to be strolling in the store during my lunch break. Apparently, he was only there to buy a shirt and he got the sales lady instead; it's the most expensive shirt he's ever bought as he is still paying for it! It's a lie of course, but let's just give him that, haha.

Do you have any insecurities about your body?

Absolutely, who doesn't? I grew up feeling insecure, not pretty enough, too skinny, eyes are too big, skin too dark, etc. It's very hard to shake those insecurities off even now; my butt is too small, it looks weird specially when I wear workout gear, which highlights how tiny my butt really is. 

Do you feel pressure from society to fit a certain beauty ideal?

There were times when I did, particularly during my teenage years. I grew up in a society where the expectation of being beautiful to look at is ideal, and it was the biggest reason why I hardly ever went out to parties or community gatherings, because I didn't feel I was pretty enough. But not any more. To me my certain beauty ideal is within everyone's heart.

If you could write a note to your younger self today, what advice would you give her?

I would tell my young self to ignore the judgemental, to rise above the feelings of not being pretty enough, and just embrace my perfect imperfections because we are all beautiful.

What do you like most about yourself?

I love that I have grown beyond that insecure young version of me. I love how daring I am these days, and how rewarding it feels to be able to make a lot of people happy. I love how nothing holds me back as long as it doesn't hurt anything or anyone.

Would you like to share a memory, or story about your body?

I grew up very, very skinny, skin and bone like. My mum wasn't very supportive, in fact she bullied me a lot for being so skinny, she used to call me a walking skeleton a lot. It played a huge part in my insecurities but I'm ok with it now. 

Have you ever taken part in a nude photoshoot before?

Oh god no!

What were your feelings before the photoshoot?

Nervous, truly nervous, I was so close to backing out, I was thinking "what the F am I doing?" 

Are you comfortable with nudity, or did it take a lot of courage for you?

I wasn't at first, it was weird, and I'm glad there was only me and the photographer. She's very comforting, she made me feel comfortable. 

How does it feel to see yourself nude in these photos?

Interesting to say the least. But wow! that's my butt? I better get naked more so I can give it some tan haha.

How do you feel about the experience overall?

Pretty great. It feels awesome knowing I've taken part in something worthy, because it is very important that we do feel beautiful and comfortable about ourselves and our bodies. I'm very glad to be part of the campaign, so thank you for letting me.


Lorna Davies 

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