Nude / Semi-Nude Photography

Nude Photography

Who is suitable for a photoshoot?

Women of all ages (over 18). All shapes and sizes who are willing to silence their inner critic and be courageous. If you are body confident - great! If you are a bit shy - I am certain I can help you to feel differently about that with some fabulous photos that showcase you at your beautiful best. [CLICK HERE to read testimonials from other women who have had this experience!]


Will I have to be completely naked? 

No. Of course you can if you want (and most of the women do once they have got over the initial nerves), but you can remain partially clothed (eg. use a sarong) if that is more comfortable for you. I also have some beautiful kimonos that I can drape around you to create stunning images where you are just partially naked. 

Where will the photographs be taken?

We will discuss a location that you feel comfortable with. There are many beautiful and secluded locations in Port Stephens to choose from. Privacy is top priority, so I will ensure there are no onlookers prior to the shoot. If you do not live in Port Stephens, I may be able to travel to you.  I usually shoot in the couple of hours after sunrise or the couple of hours before sunset for the best natural lighting. 

Will my face be shown in photos?

The photos will be taken from angles that flatter you, but do not include your face. If you do want to have some photos that show your face, then that is fine too! It's your photoshoot, and your call!

Will the photos be photoshopped?

There will be the usual colour correction and photo processing, and I will remove any skin blemishes that are not usually on your skin (eg. pimples, bruises, etc) and use flattering angles, tones and lighting, however the photos will remain ‘real’ rather than airbrushed to the point they are unrecognisable. This is about accepting who we are, imperfections and all and I promise I will make you look fabulous!

Do you do pregnancy photos?

Yes! You can see some examples here.

Can I bring a friend(s)?

Yes, you can do the shoot with friends and even your partner. In fact I would encourage it if it makes you feel more confident (additional fees may apply).

How long will the photo session last?

Usually around 1.5hrs. However, if we need to relocate for any reason, then travel to another location will add to the time.

Will the photos be posted online?

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to me, so I will only share photos of you on Facebook and Instagram with your prior permission. I will not use your name in public posts or tag you, unless you would like me to. 

What is the cost?

I am currently offering a discounted price for the photoshoot which is just $299 inclusive of GST (usually $450). This price includes high resolution digital images from your shoot. 

You will also be given the opportunity to purchase prints after the shoot, if you wish to do so. But there is no obligation.

I have a range of affordable, top quality wall art prints, canvasses, frames and more available to purchase if you decide to treat yourself or gift a partner.