About Me


I know that practically all women, at some point in their lives, have felt insecure about their bodies for one reason or another - including me.

Here’s the kicker though, we are not born with insecurities about our bodies. Can you imagine a newborn baby being self-conscious about showing a bit of flesh? A newborn's natural instinct is to find a nipple and feed. They are not in the least bit concerned about who sees them in their glorious birthday suit. In fact, I can imagine a baby feeling quite constrained by clothes.

No one can deny that the female body is incredible. It gives life and sustains life. So why do we feel so dreadfully insecure about the way it looks sometimes?
There are many reasons of course, but there is freedom to be found in accepting your body, just the way it is. Perfectly imperfect. Personally, it’s taken many years for me to work on my mental health and overcome my insecurities, and now I am fairly comfortable in my own skin.

With negative body image such a major issue amongst women, I have embarked on a photographic journey to celebrate the female form. Empowering women through beautiful images of real bodies, to silence their inner critics, embrace their femininity, and love the body they live in.

I am passionate about using my photography skills to make a difference and help other women feel better about themselves.

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